I`ve been listening to the sound of rain through the window.



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  • Lately in Seoul, it has been pretty hot, and finally it rained today.
  • This time, I heard the sound of rain through the window.
  • By the way, there are a few things I would like to write about, only it`s not easy to write because of my poor English.
  • I really feel stifled since I can`t express my thoughts and feeling.
    Therefore I have to talk very simply。
  • Anyway, today I upload three pictures。
  • The first picture is a city in China hit by what was called Wuxi’s flood.
  • This city was flooded by heavy rain last week.
  • Even though a flood is very serious, this young couple seems so romantic。
  • The second picture is a exam paper which one Korean man gave to his daughter`s boyfriend.
  • The third pictures is a Korean food called samgyetang (chicken soup with ginseng).
  • Today I found an essay which one British man who has been living in Seoul for three years wrote in today’s newspaper.
  • That title is “The summer that I am waiting to eat samgyetang : 삼계탕 기다려지는 여름”.
  • If you want to read his article((=If you want to read what he wrote), ) you can click here.~> http://news.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2011/06/21/2011062102352.html
  • Oh, I also like to eat samgyetang. ^^

 (2011.6.22)      请帮我看看怎么修改才会更合适,会更自然的呢?

  •  这几天首尔的天气突然变很热,结果今天终于开始下雨了。 我正在听着窗外的唰-唰-不停的下雨声。
  • 不管怎么样, 我有不少想写的事情,只不过我的英语水平不足,写不出来/表达不出来/。
  • 因为我用英文不能自由表达出来我的想法和感觉,我实在很难受。 于是我只好简单地写。
  • 不管怎么样,今天我上传了几张照片。
  • • 第一张是中国武汉的洪水。 这个城市的水灾很严重,不过这张照片上的一对年轻的情人看起来很浪漫。
  •  第二张照片是一位未来的丈人岳父[yuè fù]) 给自己女儿的男朋友的一张考卷。 哈哈,有意思!
  •  第三张照片是韩国的食品“参鸡汤”。
  • 今天我在报纸上看了一位英国人写的文章,(他住在首尔三年了。), 题目是“我正在等着在韩国夏天时吃“参鸡汤”。) 如果你感兴趣的话点击 [diǎn jī]这里就可以看到他的韩文文章。~> http://news.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2011/06/21/2011062102352.html
  • 对! 我也喜欢吃“参鸡汤”


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