(2011.9.1)This week,,,이번 주에는 …这个星期..


Korean Audio (MP3) – Click Here -☞ 방방의 낭독~~♪  
Chinese Audio ( MP3)~☞ Click Here 帮帮的中文朗读~♪~
English Audio (MP 3)-CLICK HERE–☞ ~♪ THANKS johnbnine”



이번주에 약간의 변화가 생겼다.
무척 바쁜 데다가 좀 긴장도 되고 한다.
이번 주말쯤에는 좀 천천히 상황을 쓸 수 있으리라 본다.

안녕히 주무세요.







 ( Sep 02nd 2011 00:09 )                                                                           
This Week

This week has made a difference for me.
been a little busy and also I’ve been getting a little tense.
However, I guess, I will be relaxed and writing about it more this weekend.

 Good night!


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