(2012.1.1~4)Just try to enjoy writing, don`t need worry about speed.

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  • (Jan.4th 2012)<Just try to enjoy writing, don`t need   worry about speed.>
  • I wrote the following English entries from Jan 1st to 3rd, in three days.   
  •  I feel I made a lot of mistakes.   
  • I don`t know which are incorrect, so I am anxious to know.   
  • If you would, please let me know.    
  • This year I`d like to keep on writing my entries without stopping  
  • My motto is “Don`t need to hurry, don`t worry about speed, just try to go steady!”, and “Don`t force yourself to write, just try to enjoy writing.”    

( Thank you everybody for reading.)

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(2012.1.4)   < 급하게 하려 말고, 즐겁게 쓰자. > 

  •     아래는 2012년 1월1일 부터 3일까지 쓴 내 영어 일기다.
  • 틀린 곳이 분명히 많을텐데, 어떤 곳이 틀린 곳인지 몰라서 몹시 궁금하다.
  • 다른분들이 틀린 곳을 좀 알려 주면 좋겠다.
  • 올해 나는 꾸준하게 일기를 쓰고 싶다. 내 목표는 “급하게 서둘러 쓰려고 하지 말고, 꾸준히 천천히 쓰자.” 
  • 그리고 “억지로 하려 말고 즐겁게 즐기며 쓰자.” 이다. 
  • 첫 번째 목표점은 10년간 쓰는것입니다. 

읽어 주셔서 감사합니다!


 ====(Jan 1st. 2012)~ ♡♥♡ ~Everyone, HAPPY  NEW  YEAR! ~♡♥♡==
•  Today is the first day of the year 2012.
• (But) However, my family didn’t have any special event to celebrate.
• My family has been resting for most of the day, like a bear that is hibernating in winter.
• It`s also not a bad thing.
• Oh, I watched two movies in a row yesterday at midnight.
• One was an American film and one was a Korean film.
• Therefore, I totally overslept this morning.  (I woke up very late this morning. )
• Then I began to upload my Korean Audios to my audio blog, late in the afternoon.
• This is just one of my hobbies,  listening to English or Chinese Audio, and recording my entry in Korean as well.
Even if understanding English isn`t easy for me, it`s an interesting hobby for me, it`s a interesting hobby with me.
• Because it`s not studying, it’s just a hobby for me.
• Therefore I don`t need be stressed at all.
• And I guess recording Korean also helps my learning and helps friends who are learning Korean at the same time!
• I can help other friends and I can help myself too.
• It’s like the quote ‘kill two birds with one stone’.
• Last year January, I wrote an entry about “A very useful internet site “on lang-8.
• Today I will introduce it to you again.
• If someone wants to record or listen something, you can try it once.
• I feel it`s a really nice site.  Good night~ ! It`s very late!



★ Korean Audio ( MP3)~☞ Click Here-:recorded by ”bangbang

★ English Audio (ogg)~☞ Click Here-    !       

 Chinese Audio (ogg) Click here~> Thank you very much, 1580170! 

(Jan 2nd. 2012) <My 2012`s resolution/My resolution  0f 2012.>~

• Writing 2012 is still strange for me.   It feels more normal to write 2011.    I`ll be get used to it   sooner or later.  I made up my mind for 2012.  (1) arrange well : around my house, heart, works:  -> make everything simple!  (2) prepare good meals for my family.   It seems very easy to say, but it`s not easy for me to do.  However I`ll try to do my best.      What is your resolution in 2012?     do you have your resolution of 2010? 
     ( *결심하다:   determine;    be determined;    make up one’s mind;   resolve;     be resolved; decide.      *결심: determination;  resolution  )
) <今年的决心!>      2012年这个字,我还不熟悉.还是2011,写起来(=打字起来 )更熟炼.  不过就会习惯了吧? 到了2012年,我决心的是:(1)好好整理“看得见的我的身边”和 “看不见的心情”和“自己的工作“。 (2)好好准备家人的饭菜!说起来不那么难,不过说实话对我来说,很不容易的!不过,我尽量努力坚持做!
(2012.1.2) 《올해 결심!》           2012라는 이 글자를 쓰려니 아직은 낯설다. 그래도 2011이란 글자가 쓰기엔 익숙하다. 그래도 곧 익숙해지겠지?    2012년이 되어 나는 결심한다:   (1)정리 잘하기: “눈에 보이는 주변”, 그리고 “눈에 안 보이는 마음”, 그리고 “내 일들”.(-> 단순하게 !  )(2)가족에게 식사 준비 잘해주기. 말하기는 그리 어려워 보이지 않지만, 실은 내게 무척 어려운 일이다.   그러나 최선을 다해 노력해 볼 것이다! 여러분의 올 해 결심은 무엇인가요?



★ English Audio (ogg)~☞ Click Here- Thank you  ”Thomas”  !       
 Korean Audio ( MP3)~☞ Click Here-:recorded by ”bangbang”`
★Chinese Audio ( MP3)~☞ Click Here-:”Thank you very much, 1580170`!

(Jan 3rd 2012  17:35 )  ♡♥♡ ~It’s snowing this time~ ♡♥♡ ~       • SooooOOoo~~nice!!! Great!!!     This time is Jan 03rd 2012 5:25pm.   When I went out after class, I found snowflakes were flying around.   They looked like (/seemed like) white flowers dancing in the sky.
 Beautiful day!  I took some picture with my smartphone, I just don’t know how to upload them up with smartphone on the lang-8 site.  I`ll upload them after I get home.  You’ll see them soon!    Do you know how to upload pictures with smart phone on lang-8?
(2012.1.3.17:35 )    ♡♥♡  지금 눈이 내리고 있네요! ♡♥♡           와~멋있어요! 너무 좋아요!  2012년 1월 3일 오후 5시25분입니다! 수업을 마치고 나오니 하얀 눈송이가 마치 꽃잎이 하늘에서 춤을 추듯이 내려오고 있어요. 정말 예뻐요! 스마트폰으로 사진은 찍었는데, 스마트폰으로 올리는 방법을 모르겠어요.  집에 가서 올릴게요. 잠시뒤에 만나요. 바이바이…  참, 여러분은 스마트 폰으로 (lang-8에) 사진 올리는 방법을 아세요?
(2012.1.3. 17:35
)♡♥♡哇~正在下雪呢!  ((^_________^) ))♡♥♡   
真好!真漂亮! 现在时间是晚上5点25分!我下课后出来时,通过窗外看到的/(看见的都?)是窗外的白雪。它们在空中就象白花纷纷跳舞似的一个一个飘下来。多么漂亮啊!我用智能手机赶快拍了几张!不过却不知道用智能手机怎么上传在ang-8这儿呢。只不过回家后才能上传呢。一会儿见! 拜拜!  对了!谁知道用智能手机上传在ang-8呢?(♣请多多修改! )



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