(2013.1.23) Erro/r에러

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(January 23,2013) Error

  • I haven’t written an English entry/an entry in Englsih/ for one/a week.
     =It’s been a week since my last English entry/ entry in Englsih.
  • These days it seems that my lap top has a problem.=
     =These days, it seems that there is a problem with my laptop.
  • It has become very slow.
  • When I write an entry journal, an error appears, so it makes me a little annoyed. = When I write a journal entry, it acts up so it makes me a little annoyed.


I haven’t written an English entry in a week.
Recently my computer has been messing up and working a lot slower.
Whenever I would write journal entry, it would error, it’s really annoying…..



  • 일주일간 영어 일기를 안 썼다.
  • 요즘 내 노트북에 문제가 생긴 것 같다.
  • 너무 느려졌다.
  • 그래서 일기를 쓸 때 자꾸 에러가 나니 짜증스러워지게 된다.
-(PS): ——————————————

1-‘acts up’ just means to misbehave and can be used for various sitations, ie ‘my kids are acting up’ or ‘my car is acting up’i can’t think of a general term for when a computer is not working properly.

‘acts up’:
1. (사람이) 말을 안 듣다, 버릇없이 굴다  /The kids started acting up.아이들이 말을 안 듣기 시작했다.
2. (무엇이) 말을 안 듣다[제 기능을 못하다]  How long has your ankle been acting up? (당신) 발목이 말을 안 들은[문제가 생긴] 게 얼마나 됐습니까?
  other options are:
2-to freeze  :  when your computer screen doesn’t move or change
3-to crash :    when your computer shuts down or if it is somehow completely unusable
4-to overheat: when it gets to hot
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