(2013.2.3)Late Snow 뒤늦은 눈

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(2013.2.3)Late Snow

 It’s snowing outside right now.
It’s falling heavily.
Through the window, it seems as if a milky mist has filled the whole world.
It gives me an almost magical feeling.
It is almost springtime, but it suddenly snowed.

When my family went to the market this evening, we found that the snow had become heavier than in the afternoon.

On the way home, the snow became heavier and, after only a short while, our car almost slid on the snowy road!
Whew~~ THAT was a scary moment.
Tomorrow morning, everyone should be careful on the way to work.

지금 창밖엔 눈이 내리고 있는데, 점점 더 심해지네요.
창밖은 마치 온 세상이 뽀얀 안개로 가득찬 것 처럼 보입니다.
봄이 오고 있는 길목에 되려 갑작스런 눈이 오다니요?

오늘 밤, 우리 가족이 마트에 갈 때 오후보다 눈발이 더 심해진 것을 보았는데, 집으로 돌아 올 때는 눈발이 더욱 심해져서 잠깐이었지만 하마터면  자동차가 도로에서 미끄러질 뻔 했습니다.
휴~ 아찔한 순간이었습니다.

 내일 아침 출근 길엔 모두들 특히 조심해야할 듯!

20130203_210622 20130203_210226 20130203_210410 20130203_210622 20130203_210750


★Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money. ~Jules Renard~


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